Studio: ParlorLA - 2270 Jesse St. Los Angeles CA. 90023
Shoot Access: Police Station, Hospital, Office, Bar, Apartment, Green Screen, Black Void, Psych Ward, Warehouse, Exteriors, Green Room / Lobby
Production Code: 191017-P-Vida-TV-PREP
Primary Contact: Dana or Miles
Shoot Type: Television
Hard-In: 7am
Hard-Out: 1pm
Guest Count: 75 +
Sound: No
Additional Bookings: After this Booking
Closed Set: Yes
Hot Set: Yes
Client Code: Green
Add-Ons (pre-paid):
Rental Items (pre-paid):
Special Instructions: The production is 7am to 7pm, Eric will be arriving at 1pm.

This is a Union Production. They will be prepping today, and this includes drilling and painting. They will also be on the roof and will be using a fogger.

Talk to management first if there seems to be a problem or any confusion.

Ignore the shoot access info, that is a bug.

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