Studio: ParlorLA - 2270 Jesse St. Los Angeles CA. 90023
Shoot Access: Police Station, Hospital, Office, Bar, Apartment, Green Screen, Black Void, Psych Ward, Warehouse, Exteriors, Green Room / Lobby
Production Code: 191017-P-Vida-TV-PREP
Primary Contact: Dana or Miles
Shoot Type: Television
Hard-In: 1pm
Hard-Out: 7pm
Guest Count: 75 +
Sound: No
Additional Bookings: None
Closed Set: Yes
Hot Set: Yes
Client Code: Green
Add-Ons (pre-paid):
Rental Items (pre-paid):
Special Instructions: The production is 7am to 7pm, you will be relieving Vince at 1pm.

This is a Union Production. They will be prepping today, and this includes drilling and painting. They will also be on the roof and will be using a fogger.

Talk to management first if there seems to be a problem or any confusion.

Ignore the shoot access info, that is a bug.

Might be a tour at 7pm, they do not need to see the loft. Do not let them take pictures of the loft, or the show's set dressing.

If they leave earlier than 7pm, please call Connor.

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